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Do you own a room, a studio or a furnished apartment that you want to rent without agency fees?

To receive a student at home in exchange for services rendered, go to the heading: “room for services“.


How does it work?

Sign up on the site and fill out the description sheet of your accommodation (type, area, rent, availability, charges), then add photos once the announcement is validated (see section Photo gallery).


Quickly find a tenant:

Partner of the Université Paris-Saclay, Heberjeunes puts you in touch with students whose profile perfectly meets your expectations.

To welcome a student at home in exchange for services rendered, go to the section: room for services.



  • Every file is checked and searchable in our offices.
  • You can take advantage of the free Visale guarantee to protect your accommodation and rents.
  • We intervene directly with the student, his family, or the university in case of a problem.
  • We are reachable every day by phone.



  • Héberjeunes provides you with the standard administrative documents: lease, inventory, rules of procedure (French, English, Chinese, Spanish).
  • Heberjeunes advises you on the calculation of charges, the compliance of your property, the tax declaration, etc.

Any information concerning the availability of a dwelling
must be reported as soon as possible.


How much does it cost?

The annual fee for the calendar year varies depending on the number of units offered:

Payment of the required contribution between January 1 and May 1 of the current year.
5 € will be added for payment after 1 May of the year.

Annual membership fee:

  • 25 € for 1 accommodation
  • 30 € for 2 accommodation units
  • 35 € for 3 accommodation units
  • 40 € for 4 accommodation units
  • 45 € for 5 accommodation units
  • + €5 per additional accommodation

Exceptional cases will be studied.

You can set:

  • in cash
  • by cheque
  • by credit card
  • by transfer
  • by Paypal

Depending on the chosen mode you can make your regulations at the office or on the website.

Your registration will only be validated after receipt of payment of the membership fee.


Registration owner


How to show photos of your apartment to your future tenants?

To rent as quickly as possible, we recommend putting photos of your accommodation online on our website. Once registered, you can download as many as you like. The simple procedure is described in the section Photo gallery).