Our project:

Héberjeunes develops intergenerational housing and connects young people looking for housing and seniors looking for company and/or help (gardening, shopping, computer etc.) while benefiting from additional income. In exchange for this regular presence and the services rendered, the student will be accommodated free of charge or will pay a moderate rent. Contact us to develop the formula that meets your needs.

Our objectives are:

Developing Intergenerational Relationships
Provide additional income
Breaking the isolation of seniors and helping them stay at home
Addressing student housing shortages

For seniors, Heberjeunes:

Travels to your home to meet you, define your needs and visit the proposed accommodation
Puts you in touch with students who best meet your expectations
Provides you with all the administrative documents necessary for the rental (lease, inventory, insurance, etc.)

For students, Heberjeunes:

Receives each candidate during an individual interview, to deepen their motivations
Checks his application file
Informs and accompanies them for mandatory procedures (insurance, guarantees, etc.)

Our commitments:

Personalized service: Héberjeunes offers an individualized approach. Together, we develop the unique formula that perfectly fits your needs*.

Regular monitoring: Héberjeunes accompanies each member throughout the year and intervenes systematically in case of litigation.

*This can range from providing free rooms (the student is committed to being present in the evening and helping you with certain tasks) / rooms with moderate rent (the student is committed to keeping you company regularly and helping you with specific tasks) / rooms with «classical» rent, where the student is totally free and independent.