Practical information property owners

Quality of the rental

  • The property must be acceptable and in good condition (according to the criteria of the decree of 20.01.2002 and the JO of 31.01.2002).
  • The area must be at least 9m² per person (at least 2.2m in height floor to ceiling) and at least 16m² for two people.
  • The rental must have : a bed, seating, a work table, storage cupboards, a hanging rail or closet, a heater.
  • The Internet / WiFi access is compulsory
  • The price must be reasonable.
  • The tenant’s security deposit must not exceed a month’s rent.
  • You must require your renter to have “public liability/housing insurance”.

Rental Contract

Downloadable example of furnished rental contract

Rules and regulations

Downloadable example of rules and regulations

Notice of vacating (moving out)

In case of a breach of contract by the landlord, the required notice is 3 months, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

Taxation aspects

Income received from a furnished rental, of one or several rooms, which is part of your primary residence is exempt from income tax:
– if the rented room is the primary residence of the renter
– and if the annual rent per square meter ( fees not included) does not exceed an amount that is re-evaluated and determined each year
2019 = 185 euros / m²